You are the Resistance Video


Spy blimps and cameras, more debt and killer corn

The police state continues to expand all over the country. Take a look at this spy blimp announced to be used in Utah.

Washington D.C. is expanding public surveillance camera network DHS is adding even more cameras. Its coming soon to your town.

We all know that Monsanto is a pure evil New World Order player. GMO crops are a two fold attack. On one front it seeks to gain control of the whole food system through the immoral patents, the war on farmers. The second is eugenics and population control. Now we have yet another study proving that GMO corn is causing organ damage.

You think that we have a global debt problem? The World Economic Forum says the world needs another $100 Trillion worth of credit to fix the problem. Gold and silver look better and better, don’t they.

You Are The Resistance

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